Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life after Turkey

After we got back to the apartment in Athens, it was time for rest and relaxation, well for at least a day. On Thursday we all hung around, caught up on homework and sleep. On friday, we jumped right back into our opportunities in Athens. That night we went out to Gazi- the nightlife district in Athens. We jumped from club to club, meeting local Greeks and dancing to the American music. I was very surprised to find out that Greek people do not dance in the clubs like Americans do. Greek people sit at tables, or stand at the bar and look around. No one talks and NO ONE dances, well except for the American visitors in the club! That was us, and we were dancing all night long! Greek people also do not go out until around 1am. This is not very good for me because I have a strict 10pm bedtime, but I made an exception for the evening. :)
We ended up walking back to the apartment at 4:30am. We actually saw the local produce market down the street being set-up as we walked by to go to sleep!

The fun did not stop on Saturday. Saturday night (October 2nd) Sheila and I went to see DJ TIESTO at the Failro Olympic Stadium in Athens. Transportation is not always reliable in Athens, and tonight was no exception. We ended up waiting at the metro stop for 45 minutes for our train to come. While waiting for the train, we asked just about every taxi driver that passed to take us to the concert. Unfortunately, none of them spoke English and we had to rely on the metro. When we finally got on the train, we realized we had 19 stops to go before we arrived at the stadium. We tried not to panic, but we were very upset! It was finally time to get off the train and we got up and moved to the door.
Then, all of the sudden, the train sped up and went right past our stop. Sheila and I looked at each other in panic! Apparently after a certain stop on the green line you have a push a button indicating you want to get off because there is not a lot of traffic in that area. Well, we did not know this and missed our stop :( We ended up getting off at the next stop, and instead of waiting another 45 minutes for a train, we ran to the stadium! We ran under a bridge, on the tram tracks, over a bridge, and through bushes to get to the stadium. When we finally got there, we could hear Tiesto already on stage, and we could feel the bass hard against our chests from OUTSIDE the stadium. We ran to a security guard who was guarding the gate to get in, and begged him to let us in, even though we were late. He finally let us in, and gave us directions on how to get to the main entrance of the stadium. We saw another security guard in the distance, and started running faster towards him. He started screaming "Problem! This is a problem!" We didn't understand why he was so upset. Then he told us that somehow we had made our way backstage and we could NOT stay here. It was really cool that we were backstage, but all we wanted to do was see the show. We finally found our way to the front of the stage, and enjoyed the show until about 4:30am. After the show we found vedors on the street selling t-shirts for 10 EURO, and we happily bought one! Then we made our way back to the right metro stop. We were informed in Greek that the tram was not running to where we wanted to go, so we would have to take the next train and then transfer later down the road. After switching trains, traveling back to the main square, and finding a taxi to take us home, we were sooo tired, and it was 5:45am!

The weekend did not stop on Saturday, but continued into Sunday with a trip to the V.I.P. opening of Candy Bar in Gazi. We had no problem getting into the club, and danced the night away! The opening DJ was not that good, but eventually the house DJ came on and played some good hip-hop for the rest of the night. There was even a live performance by an Akon look- alike. After dancing for hours, we took a taxi home and settled into our beds around 6:00am!- the record for the weekend, and way past my 10pm bedtime :)

On Monday it was time for some serious homework and sleep. It was totally worth it though because it was the best weekend for nightlife in Athens so far! :)

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