Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last few days in Greece

Thursday was one of those days I wish I could re-live over and over again. Our group took a trip to the National Gallery in Athens. It was the perfect wrap-up for the semester. We toured the museum and were able to make connections from so many different eras in art. After the museum, we took a walk through the city and were able to see the landmarks we had to take pictures of on our first day for the scavenger hunt!

After our walk we ended up at the National Cemetery. We walked through to admire the monuments of so many famous Greek people. We ended up at Heinrich Schliemann's grave. We read poetry, drank champagne, and celebrated the semester. It was such an amazing day!

For most of the night I studied and worked on final papers and such. My roommate took a picture of me as evidence that I actually do work! I moved my desk into my room and literally just sat and did work for hours. It was so crazy.

Later both apartments met up to commemorate the amazing times we have had this semester. All of our Greek friends came over! It was such a fun night :)

Its really weird that in about 72 hours I will back in the United States chilling in Nashua. It feels so surreal. As much as I want to see my family and friends, I would like to come back here next semester. I definitely love it in Athens and do not want to go back to school in Rindge :( It is going to be a difficult adjustment to go from the bustling, carefree city of Athens to the boring, tiny town of Rindge.

However I am truly excited to see my family and friends. It is probably going to be the best Christmas I have ever had. I am going to appreciate everything so much more now. :)

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